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Consultation, Haircut, hot towel,
shampoo/conditioner scalp massage, Hot lather
neck shave, style* This service is 30 min. extras will be added if time allowed.
$20.00-cash    $18.00-cash retired/senior
Mavericks Barbershop Services
At Mavericks Barbershop, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 
Consultation, Hot towels, combination of shaving
creams, hot lather, razor and straight-edge safety razor shave
followed by a cool towel and after shave cooling gel
bring this classic art back to life.
* Following WI state sanitation laws and guidelines,
we adhere to using injectable razors which has a straight edge blade
but can not be sharpened between so this is not the old school
razor blade but it is a close shave and safe sanitation for you. We go with the 
grain and against, getting the best and closest shave possible.
Beard Trim
Trim up facial area and beard to your perfect length.
$10.00 and up-Cash 
This one's for all of you that don't quite need a full haircut, but the edges/neck could use some help.We outline the edges, trim the neck hairs and do a hot lather neck trim. Great for pre-weddings, date nights or just because you want to look your best.
No appointment needed, but a heads-up by a phone call or stop-in would be great to fit you in at our earliest cnvenience and not waste your time waiting for this quick clean-up.
$ FREE (Complimentary between Appointments) Call to ask for this special request.